6-Tips for the Care and Feeding of The Other Woman aka Words of Wisdom from Kat

photo set_tendernessThe aspect that hit home for me from this list (no, it wasn’t the hammer between the eyes that I am currently *The Other Woman*) are the tips around connection, acknowledgement and connection.

While Kat is a self proclaimed Prowler, and has the experiences to back it up. The reason these resonated for me is because when you read back through her story, the archive, the strength and frailties of her 26+ year marriage, at the heart of it, she is a woman that is seeking love. Not a love that will pull her from her husband or be the start of a new life at the destruction of others. She is looking for, and has had, that one guy to love in parallel to her husband. Again, I know this is one of those things that polarizes people at the thought of it. Regardless, I think these tips are applicable whether you are the Other Woman or the Wife or SO etc.

6-Tips for the Care and Feeding of The Other Woman

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