from the in-between

the continuation of the dreamscape I had recently and had sent part one to Tom last week. This is the continuation which he read earlier today.

23 March 2013

From the In-Between but before the Next

After you left that afternoon I lay back to replay our short tryst over in my mind as well as with my fingers dancing about the tender and sore spots all over my body.  As is typical, I tried hard not to cry and over think the casual way we always part and it was that on my mind as I drifted off…

It had been a few months since we last saw one another and a few weeks since we had any real conversation. And so, I’m more than a little nervous as to whether or not I’d actually see you, even though this time, it was you that was traveling to my side of the continent and for 4-days not just 36-hours. 

That first night we met for dinner and drinks at your hotel, but I could see the weariness around your eyes and could tell that the time difference and early flight out was taking its toll. You didn’t say anything, but you didn’t need to, walking you towards your room, I stopped and merely stepped up on my tiptoes to kiss you. A welcome back and a goodnight. I felt shy, almost embarrassed by the fact that I was just happy to see you, touch you and kiss you. Even if it was a kiss goodnight. I had missed you, our friendship.  Your kisses are always so deliciously thorough; I enjoy the possibility of losing myself in that kiss. I slide against you until I can feel your cock pressing against me. I let out a sigh and a giggle at my daring but couldn’t quite look up at you when you rested your forehead on mine and I whispered good night. You start to apologize for having a breakfast meeting in Seattle at 7:00am but it’s my turn to merely shush you and kiss you again. Sigh. I turn to leave but change my mind and lean up for one last kiss good night before taking my leave. Just as I round the corner towards the elevator, I look back to see you waiting and i blush at the look in your eyes and the quiet “sleep well baby, we’ll fuck tomorrow” before you step inside your room and close the door. 

My god, my attraction to you, our sexual chemistry, is palpable, I am soaking and thankful I thought to wear panties, real panties, not crotch less, as I squish my way to my car. I’m wet, wistful and wanting. Sigh, what the fuck is your problem McKenzie! I yell once I’m in my car. What is it with him that leaves me so damn wet? I run over and over in my head as I slide my fingers into the wet folds, searching out my clit in order to cum just a bit, for that relief so I can head home and finish myself off properly with one of my toys.

The next day, your schedule was arranged around morning meetings and late afternoon presentation/dinner. This allowed me to rearrange my day and I eagerly headed to arrive at the hotel just as you are getting back. Well, that and try to be better about being on time for you as I know punctuality is important 😉 I barely acknowledge the attractive attendants at the front desk folks as I head to the elevator even missing the fact that you are waiting for me in the lobby and had to duck into the elevator cab at the last minute. I launch myself at you, I just can’t help myself and as I’m kissing your warm neck, my tongue making its way over the wiry stubble to the junction where your full beard begins, to your jawline that I could nuzzle for hours. I squeal and giggle when you reach over and one of your large hands covers my breast. I’ve been waiting months for that touch but this, felt different, tentative, almost as if you were caught from the in-between and the next thing. And then you pulled back, at first I thought the elevator had come to a stop but no, that wasn’t it. We just looked at each other for what seemed like forever but was actually no more than a minute. The ding of the elevator breaks the silence and I step out unsure of what just happened. 

My frustration flared and I turn towards you as if to head back towards the elevator. Maybe I should go, I don’t want to but I’m getting a feeling I can’t read. Your eyes flash for the briefest second and you bring me close to you, hard, not sexually hard but hard, almost impatient and you devour my mouth in a way that leaves me breathless, shaking, and unsure. “Will I ever know you McKenzie?” um, what? You know me. I was silent, what in the fuck is going on? Where is his coming from, now? By now we have moved into your room, how i have no idea, and are sitting on the chaise running along the window. Before I can stand up, your hands have moved over my shoulders and you press me back into the sofa sitting up a bit and turning towards me. 

Even though it’s early afternoon, the light is filtered, almost low and yet so typical of the Pacific Northwest, and yet your eyes are bright and your cheeks glow. The more you speak in such a quiet, deliberate way makes my pussy begin to clench and a low current burns in my skin. 

“You know I get that you are complex and multi-dimensional. I don’t want you to just pleasure me and then leave. You know that, and when you have been on the east coast, I do my best to get as much time as I can.” I tilt my head as I reply “Yes, I mean  I know because you have said so.” And I’m almost angry now, what is this? God, please don’t let it be a repeat of the last time you were in town I muse to myself sadly. 

“I want more than that. We are friends, and sometimes I can tell you are holding back.” angry now, and confused I retort “I don’t think I hold back sexually? Wait, what is this because I don’t want to have a threesome?” Now it’s your turn to flash a bit of anger, “that’s not what i mean. I mean I want to feel all of you, the parts that scare you, not just pleasure you. I want everything you have to give, everything you are.” Shaking my head, I sit up, No! I scream in my head as I sit up, looking away. You gently run one of your hands from the top of my head to rest gently, on my shoulder. “I want to know what you would do if you weren’t afraid. What do you think about in private, when raw, selfish lust is all around you?”

My eyes are closed tight, not fully processing the conversation when i feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my nipples run taut, straining towards you when i can literally feel your voice drop and your breath on my cheek. My pussy quivers, my ass clenches and my mouth salivates.



“McKenzie, I want to know what knocks you sideways, what makes your cunt soaking wet.” I gasp as heat fills my chest, making it tight and heavy. My clit pulses as if your lips were on it. Suddenly your fist closed in my hair, just at the crown of my head, and you pull gently at the scalp until tears spring to my eyes and your fingertips sink into my neck and shoulder. Unchecked desire, different, dirty, dark cloud my vision and make the room go dim. I could smell my wetness as it escaped through my panties. I open my eyes to see that you are looking directly at me. I shiver. 

“Do you want to stand up and get undressed?” A rush of what I can only describe as an icy sweetness carries your voice down my spine, making my nipples burn. I gulp “Yes, s, s” I hear my voice stutter. And suddenly I did, quickly, before my mind can catch up to my body. Since I was coming from a presentation, I was wearing a skirt and heels and you ask for my tights. Without thinking I hand them over to you. I gasp when you take my hands in yours and stare into my eyes as you lean down to kiss the inside of each wrist and then that low, sexy, mind numbing growl emanates from you “McKenzie….” I can only close my eyes and silently nod. 

And you stood up and tied my wrists together, with my tights! But my eyes fly open when I hear you move and see you tie them over the decorative ceiling fan in the room just off center from the bed. I turned and leaned my forehead into upper arm. My legs shuddered and I have to bite the inside of my cheek to will my heart to beat quietly. Any rational thoughts I tried to form were for naught. I didn’t know where you were and yet my skin contracted and tingled. God, where were you going to touch me first?!

“Look at me, McKenzie” and then you were in front of me, brushing some hair out of my face. “Now look up, really look” I see them tied over the fan and as I try to pull my hands free, really try I feel a streak of pain across my ass. Twice, three times. I’m pretty sure I cried out. I think. I have to take a breath, several of them. My mind is reeling and I can’t tell if I am afraid, ashamed or what. My throat is tight and yet my pussy is on fire. I try to pull again and your palms are flat on my ass. The pain turning to stinging warmth that radiates down my legs making me weak. You move in front of me, in my vision, trailing your fingers around my hips and my pussy is squeezing upon itself, almost painfully, between my tight, slippery thighs. Why am I panting I think to myself?

“Hold on, it’s going to be alright, I promise” you whisper, ever so quietly as you sink to your knees. I cum twice with just your fingers. Soaking you but the heat pulses through me so violently I panic. When stars are clouding my vision I have to grip the tights to keep from falling. I can barely look at you as you lift a thigh and rest it over your strong shoulder. “Oh god, no, please don’t make me cum like that again.” A small stuttering spilled out, I couldn’t help myself. “Don’t. Tom. Thomas, I can’t take it.”

You merely chuckle, low, almost animalistic as you turn and kiss the inside of my thigh as it tenses over your shoulder. You murmur again but so, so low that I can barely hear you. And I cum again, slowly, dripping as your touch becomes soothing as you run your hands over my lower back you kiss my thighs so softly.  Just as my breathing slowed you rested your cheek on my leg, letting your beard brush up on my skin and you look up as your fingers dance about and my stomach growls from hunger. And not that kind of hunger that can be satiated by food. “Shh, it’s alright” as your breath plays over my smooth mound your eyes never leave mine and I can’t look away so I close my eyes tight. Mortified that I am bared to you, literally, in a way that I have never allowed anyone to see me, this raw. And then you drag your tongue between my fat wet pussy lips, squeezing my clit between two patient fingers that seem to know how to tease it into a plump raisin. I cum again, yelling and pulling so hard I’m worried I will pull the ceiling fan out. 

You stand to your full height, resting your hands on my hips, your lower lip and beard glistening with my juices and your eyes dancing, deliciously dark. I’m so sure you are finally going to fuck me I start to quake in anticipation. My nipples hard, screaming for your attention. But instead, you reach for my wrists; pink, almost raw and you pull them free so unexpectedly I fall forward, my legs weak as if I have been on a 50-mile bike ride around the lake. I clumsily clutch at your shirt trying to gain my balance. But my knees give way and I kneel, trembling as i work to get your pants off of your legs. 

“Fuck” is all i can say when I finally have you naked, and I hungrily run my eyes all over you, taking you in, as if I haven’t seen you before, memorizing the set of your jaw, the slope of your shoulders and the hair that covers your chest and legs. The way your hair curls and shimmers with your sweat and how your scent sends me reeling. Your balls twitch “hey” when I take them into my hands and when your cock finally slides into my warm mouth, my pussy screams in protest. No fucking fair!! Oh your cock, it’s been so long and yet in mouth again the familiar smooth hardness coupled with that soft velvet like feeling elicits a moan of pure pleasure from deep within me. Just as I tighten my fingers around your balls and prepare to work your cock so i can have your cum you gently pull my head away. What? My mouth is still open only now in protest as I fall backwards onto the carpet. I pull on your hips until you have fallen with me, just breaking your fall with your hands as my legs fly up and wrap around you, locking my ankles behind you and lifting my hips up so my pussy can draw you in. Wet, dripping, burning, spent and yet calling for you, wanting her turn with your cock. 

I can’t get enough of you, your skin, your scent, your skin touching mine. And when you finally get to that point, where you dip your head down and capture a nipple tightly in your mouth while resting your forehead on my collarbone, I whimper in complete submission as you push into me, thrusting, and fucking, loving, wreaking havoc on my willing, wanting body and mind. I am on that edge….by now my other nipple is in your mouth and aching, sore and when I think I cannot possibly cum again you bite me, hard on my favorite part of my neck and I feel your hips twitch and I reach around and slip my wet finger into your ass just as you explode into my pussy and I scream in painful, gloriously wet ecstasy. clenching furiously, trying to milk as much of your cum into me as I can, filling me so full I can feel our mingled sex running down my legs as you come to a rest inside of me…