random rules culled from the blogosphere

A couple of my followers on Tumblr have struck up conversations with me around cheating as well as rules for or rather what have I learned. The funny thing is, I am a relative newbie at this. This. Really. For the first 23-years of my life with my darling husband (dated the first 6 years and have been married the last 17) I have been 100% faithful. Not once did I cross a line. Not emotionally, not virtually, not in any way shape or form. Not when I’ve had opportunity, or when he himself cheated on me all of those years ago.

The fact that I’ve been involved with my long distance lover for the last 17-months shouldn’t be considered expert at all. He is my one and only and quite possibly, my last. My heart is too invested and to divest and then reinvest is something I can’t and won’t imagine right now.

However, I do agree that there are rules of etiquette if you will and this is the page where I will post what I find. My most favorite is Prowling with Kat. Not only do we share so many similarities (to be clear from a demographic perspective as I in no way have the same sexual experiences that she has had, nor do I want to) but the romantic in me is rooting for her and one of her longer term lovers. Probably because they remind me of us.

Her site is awesome and I recommend folks spend time there. Of her rules for Prowling, this is the one that resonates the most for me. I am not a mistress of old, the one that lives a life of leisure or whose main role is that of a woman on the side. No, I have a busy and full life, a career, a family, bills and money of my own.