mutualityReading has always been lifeline for me…whether it’s educational, motivational, escapism or “just because” and I usually have 3-4 books going at a time depending on what is happening in my world, what I am “into” reading or something I want to learn more about. Probably not a surprise that I’m blushing as I write this – I first had this dream in late July and I had it again early this morning after my walk and I dozed off while reading Bared to You… 

* * * * * *

Erotica is aboutmutuality.” – G. Steinem

You had taken your leave much too soon for my taste, but as it was your mo and I had come to expect it. I am still highly aroused and a bit confounded at how easy it is for you to shift from moments of sexual pleasure to an almost casual manner as you get dressed and simply walk out the door. No post coital anything really, though I suspect that’s just another way that illustrates how we are different. Me? Oh I relish the luxury of time, taking a breath to enjoy the endorphins as they play about, lounging with the partner that brought me to that point. 

After a lingering kiss at the door and my usual “well you know where to find me if you have time to get away before you have to be home” I walk slowly back towards the bed and couch, still highly aroused, no downright horny, almost agitated. I look in the mirror in the hall and my reflection startles me as my lips do looked freshly kissed and I don’t quite recognize the person looking back at me. 


I would love nothing more than to be able to see you (catch all phrase for fuck you, suck you, kiss you and pleasure you) one more time before I leave the next day, but even an optimist like me has to go by previous experience, and recognize that the possibility is slim to none. Sighing, I reach for my book and eagerly pour over the words as I escape to where I had left off. 

As I am reading I have started to splay my fingers teasingly across my breasts and then my stomach before ghosting lower as I continue to read. When I do this, sometimes, it heightens my body to a point of near pain and when I finally get the release my body has been working for it is that much sweeter. I had gotten to the point in the novel where the main character had just cried out with her own release and as I read about the object of her desire surging forward in haste, I can feel my belly cinch and coil as I pictured it in my head. It was sexy and erotic and that’s what I wanted in that moment. Another frolic with you, you are a man that seems genuine and generous in your desire to bring me pleasure before seeking your own. Oh how I wanted to feel your cock slide into me again and my pussy reacting as if it’s the first time its felt this sensation. 

Before the man in the book was given a chance to finish satisfying himself and his partner, there was a knock on the door. I tried to ignore it but the knocking only became more insistent bursting the little bubble of fantasy and effectively bringing me back to reality instead of at the edge of the abyss, my juices are flowing freely and I can smell traces of you which only makes my nipples harder. I throw my tank top back on and adjust my pj bottoms to answer the door, rather aggravated and a sexually aggravated McKenzie could possibly be the worst kind of McKenzie. “What?!” I fumed as I pull the door open. I was greeted by a rather, shy and nervous room service attendant. It appears you thought it would be nice to have breakfast pbj’s (grape of course) sent up along with a large pitcher of ice water. Huh, that’s not really you, I mean maybe in your real life world but I am not part of the real life, I’m a friend from the left coast passing through on an assignment. 

For some reason, the gesture irritates me, as if the interruption was timed just as I was about to cum. I sat on the chaise next to the table where my breakfast lay and found my place in the book quickly. My fingers hovering over the words as I read them and it didn’t take long before my skin started to tingle and heat up. Sitting with my back up against the side rest and my feet tucked up beneath me I unconsciously dig my heel into my pussy, adding just the right amount of friction that causes my breath to hitch as I skim over the words. Suddenly, I feel your fingers move the hair off of the back of my neck, yet I’m not startled as it suddenly came to me that I had teasingly slipped the extra key into your hands when you first arrived at my door, winking “I am here at your beck and call for the next 30-hours” even though I knew that once you had your fill this morning, the next time wouldn’t be for several weeks in the future. Despite the heat running through my body and my glee at your return, I continue to read. Too invested in not only finishing the story but my own aching need, I push my foot further as I start to breath in heaves. 

“What are you reading?” you murmur and I shush you. It was almost over for the man in the novel, and the sweet, heated feeling in my body told me that I was going to enjoy it quite a bit. While it wouldn’t be enough to push me over the edge, it never was, it would be enough to make me reach a place that could make my body quiver in a pleasant way. “McKenzie,” you murmur against my ear, placing a kiss against my lobe before I can comprehend what you are saying. “I came back, even though I know you didn’t think I would, to find you engrossed in your book. So what are you reading?” you question again, and I was so lost in everything that I couldn’t help but answer even if I wanted to remain guarded and nonchalant at your return. 

“Erotica,” came my whisper, even as I ate the words that were offered to me. I was lost in this moment, it was nearly too much. Your unexpected return, your sheer proximity, brings my desire and lust to a painful scream within my core. You growl into my ear, sucking the flesh of my neck harshly in a way that tells me that you are lusting as much as I am. 

Read it to me?” you ask as your fingers reach for the edge of my tank top to lift it over my head as I tried to decipher your words. “Huh?” I stammer as you might as well have been speaking a language that I don’t understand because you have to repeat yourself at least once before the words even register. “What?”again, I think you are saying something but all I can do is concentrate on the softness of your fingers and the insistence at which they are working circles around my nipples, pulling, rolling, pinching them in preparation for your mouth to take over. “Will you read it to me?” You finally ask in such a low, sexy voice that I would have been a fool not to comply. 

“Yes,”I whisper and I blush when I realize not only did my voice break as I licked my lips but that you were pushing the heel of my foot away so you could stroke me in a way that no lover before you or after you has been able to do. 

“Well, go on,” you tease, just as your fingers pushed inside of me…I quickly gulp down some water and try to steady my voice while my pussy starts to quiver…

His hardened length pounded within her, offering her great pleasure even as her body continued to tighten due to her previous orgasm. Her lips were heavy with words of lust and want, and her eyes felt swollen shut as she clenched them tighter still. She could not describe the way he felt to her, the way his cock molded her insides and caused her to cry out to the heavens. It was a forbidden feeling, and it was one she would gladly participate in again given the chance.” 

I couldn’t recite the passage in it entirety, I have to break it into fragments due to your expert ministrations, but the breathier I get, every time my breath hitches, the harder you seem to thrust and curl your fingers. Soon it was the palm of your large hand rubbing up against my clit and as much as I want to resist, as I don’t want to be all wanton and horny, I find myself arching against your hand as I desperately reached for what only you could grant me in this moment. I wanted it. 

“Come on McKenzie,” you coax, Oh god, curse the blue eyed televangelist in you, your body is pressed against the back of the sofa tightly, allowing you a bit of reprieve to your hard, twitching erection. God, I was so into this, that you instinctively become even more intent on making me whimper. I wasn’t sure what you wanted, do I read more to you or cum? But I didn’t care, either way, as long as you didn’t stop what you were doing I would do whatever you wanted me to do. 

“What else does it say?” you chuckle mischievously…even with you behind me, I can feel your eyes dancing and the lascivious grin on your mouth. 

As she cried out her pleasure yet again he followed her; his erection exploding his cum into her as he pounded harshly against her body. There would probably be bruises later, but the physical presence of this encounter was welcome to her. His muscles were tense above her as he groaned out his exhaustion into her neck. This illicit affair had taken her breath away, many times over and she only hoped that it would happen again.” 

I cannot read and or recite anymore, because my muscles are twitching spastically against your fingers as I startle myself with the volume of my approval. Oh my god, I enjoy your knowledge of my body, combining that with the erotic words of my book prove to be too much. I cum against your fingers without much preamble, the whimper of your name sounding scratchy to my ears but it was welcome nonetheless. 

As I register what has happened the sound of your breathing in my ear makes my body react yet again and when I practically feel your cock vibrating through it’s enough to me slip over the edge again. So when you slip your fingers from inside my body I let a miniscule cry of displeasure, and the only reason you hear it is because you are so close to my lips. “What was that McKenzie?” you ask in that low, gravelly timber that makes me come undone over and over again. I find my voice enough to say, “Now it’s your turn.” as I turn to face you suck your tongue into my mouth for a long, drawn out kiss, as if to replenish what I have lost. One hand steadies us on the couch while the other is working my breasts, just the way you know I love. As I lick and nip my way around the exposed areas of skin, careful to not leave any marks, I slide off of the couch onto the floor and undo your belt and your Dockers, the sound of the buckle hitting the floor making me giggle. I bury my head in your crotch, eager to smell your freshly showered self and taste the pre-cum beckoning me from the head of your cock. My hands reach up to your chest and without looking I push you back so that you’re semi-reclined, as I eagerly flick your cock with the tip of my tongue, giggling at the way you can make it twitch towards me, my mouth, the way sunflowers bend towards the sun.

I lick you from one knee up to the base of your balls and over to the other knee as my fingers and hands explore your body as if I have never touched you before. I take your balls into my mouth and deliberately ignore your shifting and arching, straining to have your cock in my mouth. Oh no, not yet…I am so enjoying the essence of you, the scent, the textures, the taste that my own juices are starting to pool and I can recognize the sensation that is building up. Feeling bold and a bit blinded by lust, I reach under the couch for the bottle of lube that rolled underneath earlier in the morning. As I have your cock in my mouth, slurping hungrily up and down and all around, I put some lube in my hands and start to massage your balls, tugging and caressing, in time to my head bobbing up and down…my hands are resting on the inside of your thighs, enjoying the texture of your hair and, then I feel it and smell it, your tell, you are about to cum and I want to catch all of it and just as your hips start to dance, and I hear you let out a moan and a “McKenzie, if you don’t stop I’m going to cum, I’m pretty sens…” that’s as far as you get because as my mouth begs for your release and you attempt to resist, I start teasing your asshole and slip a well lubed finger in making you jump and explode into my mouth with such a force I’m barely able to swallow in time. 

Putting my hands on my knees for support, I get up to the kneeling position, and gently lick the head of your cock, spent and still oozing a bit of cum, before placing a kiss on the inside of your thigh as I look up and wink at your still shocked face.