corporal guidelines


circa January 2014

“How dare you spank one of my soccer players!” McKenzie bursts out when she catches a glimpse of Tom as he walked down the hall. He turned at that and gave her a look that made her face burn. “Your players are not little kids any longer, and they know the rules about skipping classes. He received two warnings before the spanking. That’s school policy and you know it.”

Tom was the head of the computer sciences department as well as the faculty in charge of the school led disciplinary board. Tall, boy next door good looks that have aged well and the bluest eyes McKenzie has ever seen up close. And the only man she’s encountered that leaves her flustered and unable to complete a sentence at times. It’s a conundrum. As the newest faculty member in the humanities department and head soccer coach of a co-ed team, she isn’t one to shy away from asserting herself into situations and relying on her “emotional intelligence”. But Tom, there’s something about him that leaves her flustered and off balance. Except now.

McKenzie tucks her hands into the pockets of her skort to keep from taking a swing at the smirk on Tom’s face. Outrage blazed in her. “But you are so much bigger than him and the school guidelines state that it’s Miss Dowd’s role to have done the paddling!” With an exasperated sigh, Tom merely states “You don’t need to quote the guidelines to me McKenzie. Yes the guidelines states that the Dean of Students administers corporal punishment unless they are unavailable to do so. As you know, she is away for the week and as the head of the disciplinary board the duty falls to me.” Some of the wind taken out of her sails doesn’t deter her. “But he was crying Tom.”

“Well then maybe he won’t skip classes anymore. And, you don’t want him to do that because I’ve seen the depth of your bench and he’s your best midfielder.”

“You hurt him.” She sighs. “The swats don’t hurt much,” Tom said, “You want me to show you?” he asks with a smirk that doesn’t go unnoticed by McKenzie. For a brief moment, her anger had her speechless, then she boldly called his bluff. “Fine. Show me.” Hoping the tremor in her voice isn’t noticeable, especially by him.

Tom didn’t even blink, but she shivered when she noticed his blue eyes darken. From what she wasn’t sure but she couldn’t look away. Wouldn’t look away, not even when the smirk on his face turned into a full shit-eating grin. “Fine. Come over here then.”

From the desk drawer, Tom pulled out a long, narrow piece of wood that had a few holes drilled in to aid in its swing. Tom patted the chair. “I’m not going to ask you to lift your skirt since it’s a skort anyway. But, bend over.” He commands in a manner which surprises McKenzie and has her ever alert and yet she doesn’t fear for her safety, per se.

McKenzie obeys Tom, squaring her shoulders and bracing. She rested her hands on the chair, acutely aware of fact that her butt was particularly vulnerable. As the silence filled the room, McKenzie stared at her fingers on the chair and heard the whisper of Tom’s breath, the whistle of the wood and then the sharp sting on her ass cheek through the fabric of her skort. Yet the crack of the wood blasted her ears as if it was a fast pitched ball hitting the sweet spot on a newly minted Louisville slugger. McKenzie gasped, Tom was right. It didn’t hurt, well, not exactly.

Warm, like the heat of hands, cupped over an eager flame with a slow, mellow, burn that was edged with pain as the destination. McKenzie turned to look at Tom just as the second swat connected with her other ass cheek. This time she jerked, as the same slow sensation flowing; heat then sting while the pain of her right cheek flared like flame-braised skin. But it was the sensation between her legs, that confused her. It was if a shelf full of candles had melted. She had to lock her knees to stop the squirming, and shifted so that she could angle her panties so that the lined crotch could soak up the sudden moisture.  Another glance and McKenzie let out a gasp that revealed a desperation she didn’t know she had. Pain coiled around her spine and dove into her senses; yet it wasn’t unbearable or vicious or even cruel. It was however, real. As it coursed through her, McKenzie accepted the sensations as it flowed back into her core, and her own need and lust whisked it into a cream. She didn’t realize that she had released a musky scent and rocked her hips almost wantonly as if daring Tom to strike her again.

Swat! Across her left butt cheek and McKenzie mewled as she almost came. Her mouth filled with saliva and the room blurred as she felt a fire stoke inside of her. Just as she was gaining her senses she heard Tom’s intake of breath and felt his warm, large hands on her thighs. Instead of pulling away as her brain was telling her to, she pushed her butt out at him and his hands and fingers explored her curves. As she reached back to pull at her waistband, he slapped her hand away and tore. The nylon shredded, hurting her a little when he finally broke the waistband. The cool air on her naked ass and dripping pussy further condemned her and then his finger dipped into her soppy pussy. “McKenzie, you are such a bad girl. Who do you keep yourself so smooth and accessible for, huh?” He growls so low her nipples harden as if they’re ears standing up to hear him.

McKenzie squirms when she hears him unbuckle and unzip and then, the thick, smooth head of his cock pushes through her wet folds and bluntly introduces itself to the throbbing pulse of her clit. He gripped her hips hard and slid his stiff cock along her wetness, coating himself, then he took great pleasure in swatting her ass and McKenzie cried out. She braced herself against the chair, moaning and feeling as if she is dying in the moment until his cock fills her completely with one, hard, complete thrust.

Oblivious to anything but the delicious sensation, McKenzie pushes back against his hips, brazen as a slut and she giggled in delight when his hand comes down hard on her ass again and the rush she feels in her pussy is actually her own juices pushes out as his cock is thrusting in. Tom fucks her. Grips her hips and pulls her against him in punishing, fast thrusts, one hand reaching around to flick at her clit until her knees buckled. He groans himself when he feels her muscles tighten and he can feel her orgasm explode from her pussy up her spine and the animalistic sounds she makes only fuels his thrusts more. Through the haze of her pleasure, McKenzie heard Tom howl and felt the hot stream of his cum and then the sticky, residue that spilled onto her ass as his cock slipped out and he bent over her.

Suddenly thirsty for a taste of him she contemplates reaching for his cum when she feels his fingers dip into her still pulsing pussy. As she moans, his fingers suddenly fills her mouth and she eagerly sucks their cum off of each finger. One. By. One.

One comment on “corporal guidelines

  1. I very much enjoyed your story. I’ve asked my husband to spank me like that for years, sadly he has not. Made my panties wet just reading it- maybe I better find my toy.

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