A morning part 1

good night lover in my arms

One morning



Filtered light.

She slowly returned to the land of consciousness, faintly sensing she’s being touched by an unknown hand. Her head is foggy as she starts to awaken. It took a few more seconds of wandering between dreamland and reality for her to recognize the world around her.

She was lying in bed, half on her side, half sprawled over a certain man with a very comfortable body. And, the unknown hand was, in fact, his. She became aware of the slow, steady, muffled beats of his heart beside where her cheek lay, as she acknowledged his fingertips gently playing across her bare skin and shoulders. McKenzie doesn’t sleep naked and yet here she was and she could feel herself start to shift uncomfortably.

Oh, right, we didn’t put our clothes back on. After…

Vague images and memories from their previous night’s furious fucking, intense lovemaking started filling up her mind. McKenzie remembered Tom’s intense cerulean blue eyes, boring into hers. She remembered him wrapping her tightly from behind. She remembered Tom’s hands working wonders with her body. She remembered responding to his demands with just her lips and tongue. She remembered his tongue, buried deep inside of her…*blush*

McKenzie sighed softly, letting the warm, tingling feeling spread all over her waking body. She was happy. Tom seemed happy. She realized that she was entangled with him; one of her legs was hugging one of his, her head close to his chest and one arm lazily at his waist. There was no place she would rather be and she didn’t want to wake him.  Almost on reflex, the hand that was softly resting at his waist came back to life and shifted upward, lightly tracing lazy patterns on his chest. Her eyes were still closed, but she could feel the tiny, barely noticeable change in his breathing when he realized she was awake, too. Tom’s hands tightened around her for a moment before they resumed their more than welcomed journey all over McKenzie’s back. Oh god, the feeling was intoxicating, definitely addictive. She wasn’t sure that was his intent, but if she was going down, she was taking Tom with her.

Slowly, her hand started its own journey, and her hand lowered downward. Loving the feeling of his hair under her fingers she moves past his ribcage, lingers as it travels past his abdomen and finally reaches that juncture where she can lay her warm open palm on him, ever so softly. She giggled silently when she feels Tom tense just a bit and can’t help but smile when he relaxes once again underneath her touch. Simply enjoying that feeling of waking up with him, she lay still, breathing into his collarbone.

No longer sleepy, Tom’s hand movements were becoming more purposeful, the light touch slowly turning into a pleasant massage, gently kneading the ridges and soft curves of her upper body. McKenzie can’t help but sink into Tom, dragging her fingers slowly around his entire length, as if she was just getting to know him for the very first time. When she felt his chest rise in a deep breath, she began stroking him, stroking up and down his shaft. Her movements were still very gentle, but were long past mere teasing. Every now and then she let her fingers stray in favor of warming up his hip, grazing his lower belly, moving up and down his thigh, eventually returning to his hardening cock. She dragged her open hand over him, rubbed her thumb over his tip, and back again.

McKenzie took in a deep breath and blew it out slowly. Tom was now definitely awake and alert underneath her as she pressed a soft kiss into his rising chest and massaged his balls swiftly. Tom was absentmindedly playing with her hair as he kissed her forehead. Finally, she couldn’t resist any longer and she took his cock in her hands and stroked him all the way up and onto his lower belly, exposing his other side to her eager hands. The sudden, hot, wetness McKenzie felt dripping into her folds made her shift her hips ever so slightly. Her muscles were becoming warm, flexible and needy. Oh so fucking needy. She more than welcomed Tom’s warm hand skimming towards the side of her breast and then downward, grabbing her ass hard before going back again. She mewled softly when she realized he was pulling her in even closer as he palmed and squeezed, and her body responded by angling itself even deeper into his side. Her hand wandered back up to his chest and rested there.

That feeling, just that feeling of him, with her again after several months of nothing, was nothing short of mind blowing. McKenzie could get herself lost in if forever, mindless of the fact that Tom was now fully aroused and hard. She sighed and dared to open her eyes, prepared for it to just be a dream, when suddenly she was looking into those blue eyes, gorgeous, warm, and full of an intelligent intensity. McKenzie maneuvered herself to be completely on top of him, her legs on both sides of his, hands at the side of his face to support her weight. Her face still leveled with his hairy chest she has come to love, she presses a kiss onto his chest before looking up. “Hey”. “Hello”

McKenzie dips her head to softly brush at his lips, oh my god how she loves those lips, then fell back down to rest her head on his chest, breathing out contentedly. Reveling in the feel of his entire body beneath her. “Did you sleep well?” Tom asks chuckling lightly as he resumed his strokes, which were a lot more deliberate now, literally rubbing her body against his. “Mmhmm.” McKenzie unconsciously cooperated, moving an inch forward and then an inch backward on top of him. “You?” back and forth she went, careful not to crush him as she teases herself with his delicious body. “Very.”

McKenzie rose back up and leaned in for a longer, harder kiss her hair falling to the sides of their faces. “Did I mention last night how much I like your longer hair McKenzie?” Blushing, she merely looks downward, not quite sure what to say, embarrassed to admit that she let her hair grow all of these months in the hopes that he would like it. Tom grabbed the back of her head to keep her where she was, and they kissed. Hot, passionate, and wet. Oh so damn wet. Hand cupping one of his cheeks. Her fingers splayed and stroking that spot on his jawline she could touch and nuzzle and kiss for hours on end. McKenzie’s lips moved to the other cheek, and then further south to explore his neck. She was positively dripping when she felt his hot breath as she moved her hand through the hair on his chest and onto his nipple, swiping her thumb over it. After she was satisfied with the taste of that entire side of his neck, McKenzie moved back over his lips, hovered there for a moment, almost touching but not quite, and continued to his other side. Tom reciprocated with nibbles and kisses of his own. Her earlobe, her neck, her shoulder.

All the while she continued to moving up and down his body. She isolated her movements to just her hips, and right on top of Tom’s delicious, hard cock. She couldn’t help but rub herself on him. Lightly at first, and then with longer and harder motions, aiming to let every inch of herself get the feel of his cock. Her wetness covered him and it allowed her to glide herself more quickly over him. She could feel her wet, warm folds engulf him and she knew the heat from her core must be scorching him. McKenzie couldn’t help the moan escaping from her when she angled herself to add pressure on her growing, sensitive clit; Tom’s hips jerked upwards in response. Rising on her hands, she gave herself better control and her movement’s greater range. Tom watched her face intently, his large hands on her hips, encouraging her to move in bigger waves, rounding her back and forth. McKenzie bowed back down for another, thoroughly hot kiss from Tom and then rose up to a fully sitting position, her weight just below his cock, now positively hard and hot on his belly.

As Tom is appreciating the view of her breasts and reaching to knead the sisters, McKenzie grabs his cock in her hands and starts a slow, torturous stroke, pumping ever so slowly, deliberately. Bending down to kiss and then gently lick the pre-cum glistening at the tip of his cock…

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