just a little spin through

29 April 2013

[just a dream that played about in my head when it was confirmed that he would be visiting later this summer]

Listening to music on her phone while waiting at the cell phone parking lot, McKenzie absent mindedly chewed on her lower lip and checked email on her smart phone. She needed something to distract her as she was out of her mind excited, anxious and lustful. So, very lustful. It had been well over three months since she last kissed him, felt his beard upon her and touched him. She was delighted when Tom informed her he had a couple of hours free upon landing and if she was free, she could meet him at the airport.

red through the redwoods

Indeed, as if she wouldn’t meet him given the opportunity. She looks back to make sure the sammies and snacks she packed were nestled securely next to her bag, along with diet coke for him and extra water for her. Looking at the time she calls the flight status line at AlaskaAir and squirms a bit when she feels her nipples harden and her pussy clench when the automated voice at the other end of the line announces that his flight was 13-minutes early and taxying to the gate. While waiting an additional 10-minutes, she uses the time to double check her plans and the route she wanted to take.

The mercurial northwest weather was cooperating as the sun was out and high in the sky, warm with a slight breeze. She pulls right up to the curb, waiting for a glimpse of him striding out the doors. Nervous energy and excitement is wreaking havoc so she jumps out of the car even though she knows that she can’t just run up and launch herself at him. No matter how much she wants to. Desperately. With a heavy sigh, she opts to cool her heels leaning against her car, the trunk propped open for him to load his carryon and laptop bag.  Before she sees him, she knows he’s close. Correction, her body knows he’s close-it’s suddenly on high alert and tingling, every nerve on fire. Just as she turns to crane her neck towards the door, she hears his voice “Hey” and turns so quickly her head runs right into his chest. Giggling, she looks up and is mortified when she realizes that in her pure delight at seeing him again, in person, tears have sprung to her eyes. Stepping up on her tip toes, she doesn’t fucking care who may be there, and throws her arms around his neck and kisses him, begging his mouth for entry, just a quick swipe of his mouth, his tongue with her own. She moans when Tom gently pulls away and he merely chuckles and says “hey” again.

She grabs his bags and places them in the trunk before ushering him into the passenger seat. McKenzie had decided to take Tom on a quick sight-seeing trip up through the back roads near her house to the falls for lunch al fresco before bringing him back to pick up his rental car. She was looking forward to having some time in his company and couldn’t help smiling when she pulls away from the curb and heads east.

McKenzie’s attraction to Tom is undeniable and remains insatiable, and lustful. Exiting the freeway to take advantage of the backroads, it’s all McKenzie can do to keep her hands to herself. Gripping the steering wheel in concentration as she listens to Tom talk about everything and nothing, chatting and taking in the ride. Stopping near a fast running creek to take in the view and to finally greet eachother, properly. His tongue slips into her mouth which she graciously welcomed his entry. Whimpering as her pussy is quivering so much, aching for his touch that it’s distracting. Every fibre of her body is exploding with all of the pent up lust and yearning that has accumulated over three months. No words were needed as he started to unbutton her blouse in order to greet her breasts with his mouth and his tongue and his teeth. McKenzie arches her back and moans loudly, wanting more. Tom started sucking on her nipples as his large hands rubbed up her back and then down into her capri’s to grip her ass.

Without realizing it, McKenzie finds herself on her back, on the soft grass near some logs and boulders that dot the small park. She murmurs her pleasure when he takes of his jacket and shirt, places them under her head as he begins his sensual assault of her body with his tongue, exploring the curves as if he knew his way around and didn’t all at the same time. Every few minutes it was too much for her, and she would tug at his hair to pull him up and kiss her, thoroughly.