A morning part 2

Part 2 

McKenzie took great delight in the way Tom’s body reacted but not nearly as much as she was still amazed at the way he took her breath away. She loves the way his muscles contract, and the way his eyes darken and when he is in complete control, even when it isn’t obvious. Tom growled a bit when she swayed her thumb over his tip a few times, before gripping just a bit tighter as she strokes his cock while her other hand trails his lower belly affectionately. “McKenzie…” she quivers in excitement when she feels him make a small, involuntary thrust below her. Inching forward to rub herself on him a few more times and then took his cock in her hand and before she could guide his tip into her, Tom thrust upward, effectively impaling her. As if on cue her lips parted at the incredible sensation and her eyes rolled towards the back of her head. She thinks she moans something but for the life of her she can’t remember. She’s too caught up in the pure pleasure coursing through her body. Tom gasps when she takes his cock out in order to rub his cock over herself once more before impaling herself on his cock, deeper, harder than when he thrust upward. She was too busy enjoying the small up and down movements to realize that Tom had taken a firm grip on her hips and was about to pull her down onto him as hard as he could. “Oh fuck….”

want to wake up where you are

“Yes, that’s it McKenzie…”  Tom breathed as she leaned forward on her hands, rolling her body, her hips, riding him, gently. For whatever reason, she was more comfortable being slow and sensual with Tom than she has ever been, ever. Usually it’s about the end game, quick, hard, fast. But with Tom she’s learned to appreciate the essence of time and of wanting nothing more than the pleasure of her lover. Tom took her face and held her in place to suck at her lips for a long moment and then laid back to let her continue to slowly work them both. McKenzie gasped again when Tom took her breasts into his large, warm hands. He massaged them softly, as if greeting them and then more powerfully, stroked, tweaked, and stroked again to sooth. The combined sensation of his hands and his hard, hot cock inside of her was beginning to make her head spin. She leaned back and started to ride properly ride, getting on her haunches so she could ride up and down, up and down, her body starting to quake and she could feel the sweat running between her breasts and her juices running down his cock. Tom pulled himself up as well and suddenly they were so close that almost every inch of their bodies were touching at some spot or another. “Oh…” it was unbearably intimate and McKenzie was mesmerized. Her movements became smaller in favor of wrapping her hands around his shoulders as his arms brought her closer to him, his eyes watching her as he leaned in to take possession of her mouth yet again. Whimpering all she could do was give in to the moment, her overly sensitive breasts squeezed between them, their two bodies seemed to fit and she swore in that moment she could stay there forever.

McKenzie’s eyes flew open when she felt Tom shift his weight and when he growled “Lie back!” a fresh surge of sex juices flowed from her as her body wantonly and willing accepts his control. Before she could lay all the way back, Tom didn’t lose a moment and immediately bent over her, taken a breast in his mouth and sucked, hard. Biting, sucking and working some sort of spell because McKenzie could swear the ground below had disappeared and she was somehow floating on air. When she felt Tom’s finger rubbing her in circles and finally going over her clit the sounds that were emitting from her sounded far away and her hips started to buck of their own accord, and her back arching so that she could push herself closer to his mouth. “Oh god…”  While he thoroughly enjoyed watching McKenzie writhe in pleasure he couldn’t be sure which pleases him more. The fact that she writhes in pleasure or that he is the one that can make her writhe in pleasure, make her let go? Squeezing her other breast, Tom rose up and straddled her legs and then thrust deep into her heat in one swift motion. McKenzie screamed in pleasure as her eyes went wide before her hips started the dance and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. He began to thrust in and out of her at a steady, rhythmic pace, too far in to be able to slow it down. No, he began pounding into her with the intention of bringing them both to the edge and over. McKenzie’s body reacts to each thrust, her hands at his hips, pulling him in deeper. God she wants him to completely possess her as she moves her hands to her legs, spreading them wider in order to expose all of herself to him. They are both sweaty and sticky and she loved it, she loved the electricity that only he can elicit from her body, the sensations that feel like small fireworks bursting all over. Tom’s eyes start to lose focus and the thrusts become animalistic, harder and his breath is ragged turning McKenzie on so much more than she ever thought possible.

“Wait…” McKenzie whimpers as she brings a hand to her clit and starts rubbing furiously. Being able to be completely uninhibited with Tom is such a fucking turn on she can’t help but touch herself when he has her “thisclose” to the edge. This is somehow both a relief and a huge rush of adrenaline that jolts through her, as she rubs and Tom pounded and “Oh fuck yes!” In that moment, the world seemed to consist of just him and her, right there on that bed. McKenzie could no longer think, she could no longer talk. She could only lose herself in the lightning speed of their bodies moving together as she soared to her high. She began to quiver uncontrollably, moan almost incoherently, her free hand frantically seeking something to grasp to anchor her, her chest heaving faster and faster until all breaks loose and she is completely lost in the most euphoric explosion of sensations. Just as she thinks they are cresting she opens her eyes as Tom’s eyes turn foggy and his hips twitch and she can feel his cock arch within her before he lets out a guttural groan that sends a fresh flood of her juices cascading before he groans one more time before bursting inside of her.

His full weight upon her, Tom lays his head on the mattress beside McKenzie as they try to calm down their breathing. McKenzie has to put in extra effort to move her slack hands from above her head in order to wrap her arms around Tom in a soothing embrace and to hold him close for her own contentment and lulling him at the same time. A few minutes later, Tom rolled off of her, but remained pressed up against her as he cupped her cheek and turned her face so he could kiss her again. “Good morning McKenzie…”

McKenzie giggles, “mmm good morning to you, too.”  Tom took her hand, lacing their fingers and resting them on her chest. Another quick kiss and he reached for the now complete mess of blankets next to them and spread it back over them. “Do you want to get some brekkie together before you head out for the day?”

“In a minute baby,”  Tom mumbled sleepily against her skin as he takes a deep breath and closed his eyes. She knew he had to get to the railroad before 9:00am but it was a Sunday morning after all; besides, a few more minutes with Tom at her side was all she’d ever need anyway.



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