unexpected places

in the carAfter an incredible Monday afternoon initiating every space in your room and bathroom followed by a stolen hour later that night, i was *still* coming down off of my endorphin high when I woke up the following morning. I lay flushed in my bed, dozing and yet fully alert as I drifted in and out of that dream state. The house still wasn’t stirring and I couldn’t help but slip a finger into my still wet folds and rub around my clit, remembering that first kiss, when I launched myself at you the day before. The sensation of finally, finally, getting to lean up on my tippy toes to capture your lips for a kiss and bite at your lower lip begging you to let me slip my tongue in…I go so weak in the knees when the beating in my heart is faster than the first time and I swear you can feel my nipples pressing straight into your chest. It’s overwhelming and I almost burst into tears because I didn’t think the day would ever get there. I giggle out loud realizing that I don’t even remember how we got to your room, or even opened the door. All I remember is hearing your voice, feeling your mouth on mine and the sigh followed by the moan that escapes from my throat and feeling your arms around me, tight, almost possessive and my hands in your hair and touching your face, your jaw, digging into your shoulder when I can feel your cock through you jeans and jumping at the sensation that jolts through my core when I can feel you grind up into me. “oh god, tom” is all I remember stuttering out, cumming as if you had just fucked me good and hard when really, we were just greeting one another with kisses and heavy, wanting touching…by now I have wet through my panties and look back at the clock, damn, time to get up, shower and get ready for the day. As has become my habit over the last couple of months, I check my cell phone, only to grin when I see your text that came through just moments earlier:

Tom: Good Morning, hope you are still wet for me. Will miss you today, sorry we won’t see eachother until tmw.  xo

Damn! That’s right I frown, with your schedule as it is for the day and night, I probably won’t get to see you, touch you, have you in my mouth, love you until tomorrow L  No email or IM either, between your meetings and presentation and my meetings and plans to meet my friend and former colleague James, who was in town from our Singapore offices, it was highly unlikely indeed.

Feeling guilty about feeling possessive of his time I text a quick response:

McKenzie: Good morning yourself! I realized I *still* haven’t had the chance to ride you cowgirl style L We will have to fix that when I see you next. Good Luck with meetings, know I will be thinking of you…xo

The only plan we had in place was that maybe, maybe, if your presentation finished on time and your dinner didn’t take too long I would get to see you late that night. But no promise, as this is a business trip for you, first and foremost.  

Thankfully the day flies by and it’s time for me to meet James for dinner. Because so many of our fellow former colleagues have invited themselves along our plans evolved and we were heading into town for dinner. We are waiting in the bar area and caught up in catching up, telling stories and enjoying the raucousness of the busy, patrons. It’s light and fun and I am feeling particularly good, thinking about you. Suddenly the hair on the back of my neck stands up, and I don’t know why start to look around the venue for you. Looking at my cell, my smile turns to a frown, there’s no text from you or missed call yet I could swear I could feel you nearby. Was I that crazy in lust? No, you should still be in your presentation I remind myself. By now the happy hour crowd was in full swing, my friends are buzzing and I have consumed enough water to for several camels. I decide to head to the restroom to get a moment and frankly, to send you a text to tell you I was thinking of you. I barely got to the stairs when a strong arm wrapped around my waist and I find myself spinning around quickly to find myself face to chest. Your chest to be specific, a huge grin starts to spread as our bodies are pressed together and I can’t help the look of lust that clouds over my eyes. What are you doing here is what I want to ask but the words don’t come out, my mouth running dry as my body immediately reacts as you run your fingertips along my jaw and down my neck, towards my breasts. “Hey, what, why I mean why are you here. I have to get back they are going to start to look for me” All it takes is that low chuckle and my nipples are at attention when you lean in ever so close and in all seriousness say “I have a 30-minute break, let’s get out of here” and I can feel your smile as your lips assault my neck and all rationale goes out of my head. 

You are the sexiest man in my orbit and at that moment, I don’t care that colleagues are cooling their heels in the bar, waiting for our table or that you have a presentation to finish. I have never been so physically attracted to someone, it’s addicting and numbing. I look up at you and say “what did you have in mind” and I can feel my knees buckle when you lick your lips, and the mischievous grin lights up your eyes…twinkle in your blue eyes. 

Without saying a word you crush your lips to mine and push me back against the wall, the kisses were hard, frenzied, demanding. I feel your hands cup my thighs and push me further up the wall, without thinking I wrap my legs around your waist and I’m suspended by the weight of your body pinning me to the wall, your jeans rough as you rub between my legs and I can feel your cock straining to find it’s way into me. God, I want to have you now. The next thing I know the warm evening air is hitting my face as you have pulled me from the back entrance of the restaurant, almost tugging me along. 

I have to go back…”shh, trust me we have time” is all I hear you say as you push me back against your rental car and your mouth finds my neck and sucks hard. I turn my head trying to get your mouth on mine again but you refuse, teasing my neck, my earlobes my lips, licking a torturous path…I find myself grabbing at your belt, “now isn’t the time for talking” and I giggle as I get your pants undone and spring free your cock which I can’t wait to touch and stroke and tickle…did  you miss me? Pulling you into the back seat of your car, I hear you chuckle then groan as you fall on top of me and realize I am not wearing any panties under my dress and that I am dripping in anticipation. I can’t keep my hands off of you, they are up under your shirt, touching your chest, feeling your nipples, running down your back and into the back of your pants so I can grab your ass…

My back arches as your mouth teases my breasts and I bury one of my hands in your hair and tug when the suction and teasing on my nipples becomes too much…not enough, oh god I need more…my hips are grinding against you of the own will and I can feel your smile knowing how badly I want you, just as suddenly, i let out a whimper when I feel your beard on the inside of my thighs and your finger teasing me, slowly circling as if checking to see if I was wet enough. Just as I am about to protest I can feel you kissing the inside of my thighs slowly, teasing and my mind goes completely blank when you start that long slow lick that i love, i am conscious of the fact that I have to cover my mouth with my hand and bite lip to stop from screaming. You alternate between going fast and taking it slow, around and around, nipping, sucking everywhere but there as I am begging you to fuck me with your cock you suddenly close your lips over my clit and suck harder than ever before, all rational thought gone as I buck and scream out…oh my god..my legs tremble and I feel as if I can’t breathe.”  So, so good…but I want you inside me. Now!”  Laughing you start to crawl up towards my face “no, switch with me” only realizing that at 6’4” there is no way you will be able to lay down. “sit” says a deep, husky voice I don’t recognize as my own. Impatiently I push you back and lift my dress to straddle you, impaling myself on your hard cock I moan as move in fast little rocking motions trying get you as deep as I can, one hand in your hair, the other inside your shirt against your chest…I can’t stop kissing your mouth, your face, the crook of your neck, Your hands are gripping my hips hard, controlling my movements and the speed.. you’ve pulled the top of my dress down enough that you expose my breasts and you seem to enjoy watching them bounce as we fuck as fast as we can in the backseat of your car. I can feel my pussy clenching and unclenching, trying to squeeze and my hips pushing as if seeking a way to get even more of you closer to my core. By now you are alternating between biting my neck and nipping at my breasts…closer and closer to the edge…I’m looking for that final push and on instinct you reach between us and press your thumb on my clit, push your tongue into my mouth and groan we both explode. You pepper me with sweet, soft kisses as I whimper and lay my head on your shoulder, trying to catch my breath and steady my body, wanting nothing more than to close my eyes and drift…

A shadow passes by the car and with a start I move off of you…grabbing your arm to not only pull you out of the car but to look at you watch….i burst out laughing when I realize it’s actually only been 20-minutes when it felt like forever, in a good way. With a giggle and a wink, I lean up to kiss you as I readjust my dress and dart back across the lot to the restaurant, turning slightly before I enter to see you give a little wave as you turn to go back to the hotel next door where you were speaking and where you were when you saw me parking my car in the lot next door…..