he’ll always be coated in yum

“Thomas was an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, coated in yum. Only now the enigma was a little less mysterious; I was a few clues closer to solving the riddle – but damn, that man would always be coated in yum.” ― Trouble with Demons

early June 2012

just a little dream…”where are you going?” you tease as i slip on my yoga shorts and a tank top…glancing at the clock near the desk, i shrug my shoulders, “well since you insist that i behave normally and go out to dinner with Jas,  Rusty, Holli,  Jere and i , I am going to go to my room and get ready to leave. Are you sure you don’t want to join us? I can easily explain your presence and I’d behave myself.”…I almost laugh out loud when I see your brow furrow and a look of WTF?! cross your face. “Fine-but Rusty will talk forever and I might not be back at until very late. Not exactly what I had in mind for your last night in Seattle.” I can’t believe I am able to say that to you calmly and not have it come out sounding like a harpy. “I’ll text you when I get back. Hope you get some work done and eat a good dinner.” and I lean over your naked self to kiss your forehead and turn to head out. Before I can open the door you are there in an instant shutting the door instantly with me pressed up against the door  and your forehead resting on mine “that wasn’t even a proper kiss goodbye” you chuckle as you lean in and capture my lips, soft, and gentle. Kissing you back we find ourselves kissing and kissing and kissing-you pressed up hard against me as if you are trying to push me through the door and my with my hands trailing all of your arms, shoulders, neck and ass i feel my knees go weak, again!, but you just adjust your stance ever so slightly to support me and we press on. literally, kissing as if that’s all we are meant to do. Finally, you break the kiss and smugly say “all right then, have a good dinner” knowing full well I am so worked up from your tongue teasing my mouth and my neck in concert with your hands taking possession of my body. “see you later Tom” and I wink as I stick my tongue out at you and leave.

always coated in yum

Entering my room, i quickly shed my sex drenched clothing and giggle when I realize I’ll need to get those into my laundry back at my house. Jumping into the shower I almost yelp in pain when I realize that I am literally bruised, raw, sticky and it actually hurt when the stream of water first touched my skin. Oh how I wish he were here I think to myself before shaking the vision out of my head so I can focus on getting on with getting ready. The beauty of being a jean and t-shirt kind of gal is the fact that i don’t have to put a lot of thought into what I’m going to wear but it’s too warm for me so I decide to shock the crap out of my former boss and colleagues and wear a dress. A dress that even you haven’t had the pleasure of peeling off of me yet. A quick check to make sure I had everything I needed, wallet, water bottle, mobile phone and keys. Yep, I was out the door. Even though it’s James that has traveled the farthest flying in from overseas, it’s naturally Rusty who chooses where we go. Thankfully he’s not in one of his “moods” and chooses the local brew house about 3 miles away. Unbeknownst to me, you had decided to grab your ipad and head out to the Brew house for some dinner, beer and reading/people watching. Our group of 5 are near the bar with 4 of us wearing nearly identical smirks as Rusty holds court with the guys at the bar and Jo the bartender, his voice loud, smooth and typical of him. I almost drop my water when you walk on through the door, you haven’t seen me yet but clearly I have seen you. My nipples are erect instantly and I can feel my body start to buzz and my lips part as my mouth goes dry and i lick my lips. Jere leans over to me “whoa McKenzie, did a cool breeze just come through?” Not understanding why he asked me that I tilt my head a bit “What?”-“Well you have goose bumps up and down your arms and your eyes went wide suddenly”. Blushing-I merely mumble “maybe, i am a bit chilly suddenly” and I pull my sweater just a little closer around me. Calming my features yet smiling inside, I wait until you look up and see me before I give you an exaggerated smirk and a wave. You sort of look at me confused, as if you are deciding to acknowledge me, simply nod at me, or flat out leave. Thankfully for me, at that moment a server walks by with a tray of local microbrews and you suddenly shrug and wink at me before sitting down at a small two-top and perusing the menu. Ok I think, we are going to go with the total stranger thing, this could be fun. I was forgetting that I was there with mister snoopy snooperson himself. Rusty looks at me as we are heading to our table, looks over in your general direction and barely nods his head “hey, so who is that? looks like you might know him?” oh goodie, I get to practice the back-story i have created in my mind for us!! (yes I know, I am nuts) “Yep, that’s Tom, he’s an ISV met him a few months ago near campus, at Whole Foods if I remember right. You know how you used to own an MGT and I am in the market to by an MGB, he has actually rebuilt a few. Anyway, looks like he must be in town for calls on customers.” I’m feeling pretty damn smug at how easily that feel from my mouth then realize that 1. we are being seated at the large 8-top close to your table and 2. this was Rusty i was talking about, the man who loves being the center of attention, especially that of a stranger that he has yet to meet that knows one of us in his inner circle. Shit! Shit! Shit! I scramble to remember if I even told you our “back-story”… Rusty stops near you and does his overacted “what do you mean” gesture, looking looks directly at you “Hi, I’m Rusty, McK here says she knows you, you are an ISV, right? Well I can’t believe she isn’t going to introduce you and ask you to join us, especially if you’re traveling all alone! She’s usually much more thoughtful than that!” he laughs loudly… you chuckle and raise your eyebrow at me as you stand to shake his hand and introductions are made and naturally the guys are insistent that you join our table.

“Oh this is going to be interesting” I think to myself as it dawns on me that Rusty may have met his match in you, both East Coast born and bred with enough charisma between the two of you to sell snake oil to the crowded place and both of you can talk, I mean really talk. It’s the Italian American Roman Catholic and the Irish American Catholic….oh good lord. Not surprisingly, you two actually hit it off, especially given the amount of stories, interesting stories you both have to tell. Between catching up with Jas and Jere and eating and drinking, the evening was entertaining for everyone. Except me, why? Because you were right, while I was very good about behaving myself, it was very hard and tortuous to do so. I kept losing focus as I would blatantly stare at you when you were speaking and I couldn’t stop my body from betraying me with it’s wants and lust fueled thoughts….it was a good thing I was seated across from you because I wouldn’t have been able to keep my hands off of you otherwise and I am sure you would have smelled my juices, threatening to spill. We were done before you knew it and we all left the restaurant at the same time. As is with this group of folks, it’s a hug hello and a hug goodbye, with a kiss on the cheek for me from each of them. feeling a bit bold i say “well wait tom, don’t i get a goodbye hug and a kiss on the cheek from you as well?” Gulp, the look on your face warns me I am going to pay for that…and my god i can’t help that my pussy starts to clench at the thought. Sweeping me into a hug you lean into my ear and with a low growl i hear you say “i want to fuck you right now” i wink as i pull back and with an exaggerated lift of my cheek, “ok now my kiss” i say with a laugh. My eyes go wide when at the last minute you turn your head and kiss me full on the mouth. “you deserved that McKenzie” Jere & Jas say at the same time. Rolling my eyes as we all say g’bye and walk in opposite directions.

With a quick stop at QFC for some raspberries and chocolate I head back to the hotel figuring I would see you there eventually. I’m looking at my phone as I step into the elevator and am delighted when I run into you, literally, in the cab. “hey” i say almost breathlessly, “thanks for being a good sport and playing along. i know you were planning on having some alone time and if i had known you were going to be there…” you swiftly shut me up when your tongue pushes into my mouth and you kiss me so thoroughly and with so much lust all i can think to say when we break apart is “wow, you’d think you didn’t just fuck me 4 hours ago!” the laugh dies in my throat as i look up into your eyes which very clearly tell me that you aren’t done with me yet. But the forceful onslaught i was anticipating didn’t happen. instead you lean in gently, with one hand on my hip and the other cupping my face and begin to kiss me so slowly, tenderly and licking a little trail of kisses down my neck, my moans filling the cab with increased frequency. i cup your growing cock over your jeans and can’t help but lean into you…i feel dizzy almost, lost in the kisses you are bestowing upon me, grabbing my hand as we exit the elevator you pull me towards my room.

unlike monday afternoon when you arrived, there was no urgency in your kisses or your touching. no it was deliberate, gentle and so, so sexy, sensual…my eyes flutter close as you have me leaning against the wall and you continue your exploration of me when that low husky voice of yours, the one that could convince me to follow you home, says “let me show you how much i am going to miss you. let me show you that you should feel wanted, loved, desired…” “mmmkay” i hum in response “oh god tom, you have spent the last 2.5 days showing me over and over and over again.” Recapturing your lips and snaking my hands all over you i unbuckle your belt and work on freeing your cock from your jeans ” let’s enjoy eachother equally” and i slide to my knees to take your hard, throbbing cock deep into my mouth and throat. tugging at your balls and runnng my hands on your ass i can feel you start to buck and let your hips begin to move, just a little more before you are fucking my mouth and i am greedily taking it in further with each thrust…just when i think i am going to taste you again, you pull out “wait, what?” I whimper “No not yet, i want to cum inside of you ” and for some reason i blush (still) and you pull me back up to my feet and lead me to the bed.

As you lower me down to the bed, your thumb runs over my lips before leaning in for another kiss and i can feel your hands at the hem of my dress “my dress?!” i think out loud, and gasp when i realize that you have had me on the edge of the cliff all of this time and not one shred of my clothing had been removed! pulling my dress above my head you stop to kiss the back of my neck and lick a path from my ears to my shoulders and back again. My eyes are still closed when i suddenly feel the soft caress of the silk sashes I had purchased but never brought out…a visible shudder runs through me which is accompanied by a moan of pleasure as you thumbing my nipples and alternating your attention between one breast and the other so confident in your ability to make me cum just like that. As you work my breasts into stiff, very stiff peaks you start to wrap the sash around one wrist but i resist as you move my arm above me head. “Do you trust me?” you whisper so softly I almost didn’t hear you … I nod, slowly, but not entirely convincingly. “how can you not trust that i just want you to feel so thoroughly and lovingly, sexually satiated”? i can merely look away when i say “i’m just, i am just not sure why i am scared” you lean in and in the barest of whispers i hear “open your eyes, please look at me”…