an afternoon greeting (nocturnal notions of tom & mckenzie) part 1

20 May 2013

As with most nocturnal notions of mine, this played out over the course of a night or two. I’m not sure what the prompt was or if it was even a conscious prompt. But it was vivid, surreal and when I woke up my throat was dry, my panties were wet and one of my hands was on my breast and the other resting on my belly…suspend reality for just a moment or two….

e e e e e e e

Part 1 begins…

McKenzie was a bit out of sorts, more so than ever, and she couldn’t put her finger on it. Maybe it’s because as much as he tried; she really hadn’t interacted with Tom that much in the last three weeks leading up to this trip. Between the time difference and the respective end of the year events for their respective kids, work and everything else, it was often a passing email. Short, encouraging, especially the day of a treatment and all business like. It’s times like this that McKenzie hates the way she overthinks. With a sigh, she steps into the shower, her morning routine disrupted at home, she wanted to take a shower and try to relax before Tom was set to arrive.

As a selfish indulgence, a gift to herself, McKenzie booked a room at a newer, contemporary hotel in the city. It’s sleek and high tech and not really her style, but it fit her demeanor and more importantly, it was sexy, with rooms offering a view of the water from large ¾ length windows, a glass encased shower and a large king size bed. Calling in a favor from long ago, she was able to get an upgrade to a room higher than the 5th floor. Of course, as she thought about it. She would have met Tom anywhere he asked, no matter where or what type of hotel. But since this was her neck of the woods and her indulgence, this is what she chose. She only hoped he enjoyed it as well. It was also the type of hotel, in her small, large city where she could be almost as anonymous as he will be as a legitimate out of town traveler. When she checked in, she left the second key at the front desk for Tom, knowing full well he wouldn’t stop to check in, he would simply text her and ask her what room and eventually he would knock on the door.

Given that has been his standard operating procedure in all of the time she has known him, you can only imagine the loud scream of terror that quickly gave way to a shriek of delight when McKenzie realized that the large firm hands that had reached into the shower to restrain her belonged to Tom. Her eyes go wide, as if she can’t believe he’s there. Not just there, but had the key, used it and was now standing in front of her literally in the shower, fully clothed. As if she momentarily forgot her state of undress, the water was falling about and everything that has happened in the last almost four months, McKenzie launches forward, babbling and happy and almost crying as she stands on her tip toes begging for a kiss. “What are you doing here so early?” as a grin spreads across her face.

“We landed almost an hour early. I wanted to surprise you and well apparently I did” Tom’s blue eyes dancing a bit as he smiles just as McKenzie assaults his mouth once more. Extricating himself from the shower and pulling McKenzie out with him, he reached and grabbed one of the ample bath towels from the fall and draped it over McKenzie’s shoulders, though he left the front open, a move which made her blush. Tom’s hands cradled each side of her face as they kissed and leaned their foreheads upon one another, McKenzie methodically undead each shirt button. Touching his skin after each button came undone, as if she was memorizing the feel of him with her fingertips. When she reached the bottom of the shirt, she took his left arm from her shoulder and slipped the sleeve off and did the same to the right arm and leaned into him as she peeled the wet shirt from his broad shoulders and let it fall to floor behind him. She lingered in the space, and with a quick kiss she was flush against him, skin to skin and kissed him deeply, passionately, as their flesh was pressed together. The way she imagined greeting him hello once again.

bed lovers

With trembling hands, she undid his belt buckle and made quick work of the buttons and the zipper of his pants. When she came up for air and looked into Tom’s eyes they were burning; for her. She has never had someone look at her in that way, that way in which anyone within 100 feet could tell how this was going to play out. She took a second to simply revel in the desire she saw before she couldn’t stand the scrutiny. She guided his pants down to the floor, kneeling in front of him and helping him out of each wet pant leg. She bit her lip and stared up at him. Without breaking eye contact she pulled the elastic of his boxer briefs to make way to free his rock solid delicious cock. It had been so long, she had been waiting so long that she couldn’t help but let out a lustful gasp and nervous giggle. The fact that he was already hard pleased McKenzie and the fact that she could see him throbbing in front of her sent her swimming. The simple sound of her gasp caused Tom’s throbbing shaft to tighten and move of its own accord, as if jumping to her voice. He smiled with pride, knowing full well that McKenzie was already wet and ready just for him.

“You are…” she paused, “so damn sexy” She can barely meet his gaze as the blush creeps from her clavicle upwards. But, she meets his gaze with a wink and in one quick swift motion she ran her tongue from the base of his shaft up the entire length of him and continued until she stood up on her tip-toes kissing him once again. That unexpected motion caused Tom to shudder, convulse, and let out a low growl. Their kisses alternated from frenzied, hungry and demanding before they turned tender and languid as each explored the others mouth. Tom pulled McKenzie away from his face, each hand cradling one side of her head. “I have wanted to kiss you every day since I last saw you all those months ago McKenzie, ” He said “You have to believe me when I say I did, I do think of you.” His tone melted McKenzie and she wasn’t sure why. She was sure he has repeated those words or some variation of them thousands of times before on other women. And yet, she didn’t care. It was if he was telling her something, she didn’t know what but it caught her off guard and it touched her in such a primal way. She crashed her lips into his and leaned up against him again, frenzied with need to have this man inside of her. Tom’s cock rubbed up against her core and their kissing intensified. He was so hard and she could feel him against her clit that she was more than wet, she was slippery against him.

Somehow they had moved from the bathroom into the small but nicely appointed room, kissing the entire time. McKenzie was so hot with need that she expected him to throw her onto the bed and literally pound into her and oh god how she more than welcomed that. But Tom had something else in mind; he pushed her back gently and lowered his weight down slowly until they were flush up against one another. Her leg was draped over his side and he was so close that one small movement could have him buried inside of her. “Tom” she coaxed into his ear, “I want you.” But the temptation and ache that strained his cock wasn’t even close to wavering him from what he planned to do with McKenzie that afternoon. Not when they had the luxury of time and he finally had her like this, and it wouldn’t be like the others. With her he had no desire to simply stick it in for a quick bout of pleasure. He wanted to torture himself exploring every inch of her body, and when he finally took her it would be painfully slow and methodical. He pulled away from her body. ” I need you inside me now” McKenzie’s  voice was deep and raw. “No” Tom said. She looked puzzled. “I am going to spend hours tasting every inch of your body first. I am going to do everything I ever fantasized about doing to you.” McKenzie could feel the heat rising from her and her nipples go hard, her eyes go wide when her brain catches up to what he said and she tries to nonchalantly quip “So you’ve fantasized about me?” but the tremor in her lust laden voice gives her away.

“Oh yes I have McKenzie. I have definitely fantasized about you, especially after I have caught up on some of your Tumblr posts.” he said as he took a hand and squeezed her right hipbone and ass before reaching in and flicking a nipple playfully, chuckling as she gasped and moaned in response. “Um, well right, I mean, what. I mean about what?” is all she can stammer. “Well, I’m glad you asked,” Tom joked which only heightened McKenzie’s need for him. But he pulled away, leaving her lying on the bed. As she goes to get up on her elbows he grabs both of her hands, pulling them out so that her elbows give way and she is flat on the bed, with him kneeled on the floor in front of her.  “I’m going to start at the beginning. I want to look at you.”  He pulled her legs farther apart and spread her lips open to look at her on full display. Oh god, I can’t do this McKenzie thinks as she instinctively goes to close her legs and cover her belly with a pillow or her hands. “Stop McKenzie” he commands and she’s momentarily frozen. He spreads her legs wide apart and takes his full view. She is on full display, in the daylight, in such a vulnerable way. Once again she instinctively goes to close her legs when Tom growls and she can’t help but let her legs fall open again. She closes her eyes tightly; unable to reconcile that this gorgeous man and his blue eyes were raking over her open core. “What are you going to do?” she asks.

“Then McKenzie,” she jolts upright as she feels his finger graze her lips, “then I’m going to touch you.” She arched her back as his fingers began to stroke the outside of her folds. He explored deeper and deeper into her folds spreading around the moisture that was dripping from her. Her legs tensed up as he spread moisture onto her clit. The pleasure was almost painful. He applied more pressure and McKenzie cried out. Oh my god, how was he doing this? How was he making this feel so amazing? As if on their own, McKenzie’s hips bucked up towards his fingers. “I think my McKenzie likes it when I touch her like this.” He chuckles. “Oh god” is all she can whimper. Tom continued to stroke her swollen area, and he leans forward and softly bit the inside of her thigh. She convulsed again. She was swimming in pleasure. “My little McKenzie is enjoying herself and I’m not even” he thrust a finger inside of her, “inside of her yet.” McKenzie yelped in pleasure and surprise. The comforter was balled in her fists and she bucked her hips to draw his finger deeper. He put in a second finger and rotated his hand around. The pleasure was unbearable. She tried to lift her head off the bed as she met his gaze. He withdrew his fingers and placed them inside this mouth sucking off her juices. She was completely flushed and the beads of moisture on her forehead were not from the water of the long forgotten shower but from sweat, perspiration of lust and anticipation. McKenzie couldn’t speak; she could merely look at him, with a questioning gaze as if silently asking him what next.

He plunged the two fingers back into her and began to work them around. In and out, one finger then two then three then, oh my god four, he slid in and out with blistering skill. He kept his gaze locked on hers, even as she shut her eyes tightly, she would open them and look at him in wonder. The color increased in her cheeks and Tom put 4 fingers inside of her. He pushed as far in as he could go and then took one of her hands and placed it on her stomach so that she could feel his fingertips moving inside of her. He wiggled his fingers around making her whimper and clamp her hand down on her stomach. Then Tom went for the kill. With his fingers as deep as they could go he used the thumb of that hand to delve into her clit. Oh my fucking god, he has never done that before and McKenzie screamed, literally screamed as her body crested she squirted all around his fingers. He stilled his hand, never withdrawing his fingers, and held her pelvis completely still as her pleasure passed. He knew this orgasm wasn’t over and grinned deviously because she had no idea what was about to happen to her. He had started her orgasm, but he hadn’t let her finish and her pleasure would only become more intense each time he did this. He pressed down on her clit again and thrust his fingers deeper and McKenzie erupted in pleasure. There was no gradual building this time. She simply erupted in the height of a full orgasm as soon as Tom moved his hand. This time she screamed his name loudly. But he didn’t let her finish.  “Oh fuck, please?” she cries out, but twice more he stilled her at the height of her orgasm only to let the pleasure die down enough to shock her back into its full height. McKenzie could only scream Tom’s name at this point. Screaming to god and begging for Tom.  One final time Tom tortured McKenzie with pleasure that bordered on pain as he let her finally come to completion and ride out her orgasm. She was bucking uncontrollably and thrashing out by the time he finally wrung out the last of her spasms. What she had felt the first time he did this was nothing compared to the sensation he had created by building her up. She had never felt anything so intense before.

When he withdrew his fingers she ached between her legs. She could feel her steady pulse pounding through her core. She watched as he languidly sucked her orgasm off of each of his fingers. He made his way up her body running his tongue the full length of her now pounding pussy. She clenched at the mere feel of his tongue. She couldn’t believe how sensitive she was. Her nerves were on fire and all she could feel was the area between her legs. After Tom licked her core, he closed her legs back together. She felt like there was a baseball between her legs from the pressure and swelling. Tom lifted her up as if she was light as a doll and placed her head back on the pillows so she was fully on the bed. He kept her legs pressed together. The next sensation he wanted her to feel there would be him pressing into her. He hovered over her body bringing his lips to her mouth. She could taste herself and all that he had wrung out of her on his lips. That taste made her clench again into her closed legs. She found herself lifting her head, her lips straining to capture his once again. But Tom wasn’t done teasing her just yet and he kept his face hovered just out of reach above hers. “Do you know what it does to me to make you scream like that?” he asked.

She attempted a laugh “Do you know what it does to me?” she averted her eyes as she blushed under his gaze. “Oh my little McKenzie, we’re not even close to done.” He nipped at her neck and trailed well-placed nips and kisses down her body. Chuckling anew with every gasp, groan and whimper, powered onward by her attempts at clutching his hair and fisting the sheets underneath her. Tom came back up and kissed her so tenderly that it stole her heart. He placed a knee between her legs and pushed them apart. McKenzie resisted. “I’m too sensitive I think I need to wait a little.” She looked down his torso at his pulsing cock standing at full attention over her stomach. Oh my god, his cock is so damn delicious. “McKenzie, do you trust me?” Tom looked into her eyes cradling her so that only their noses touched. McKenzie gave a small, shy smile and without looking at him, allowed his knees to push her legs further apart. He used his hands to spread her thighs fully wide, but he didn’t let any part of his body touch her core. It was still pounding with ache. McKenzie feared that if he did, he would rip pain through her body instead of pleasure.

“Tom I think it’s going to hurt. I’m on fire down there.” She trembled while he hovered above her body. McKenzie had always responded to Tom, was always wet and ready for him. Responsive. Eager. Wanton. Lustful. Always. And yet this was foreign to her. She was being wracked with sensations that she didn’t understand. “Oh, the foreplay can be a bit intense, but this is where it pays off. ” Tom smirks at her as he playfully kisses the tip of her nose. “I made you really sensitive. You’re nice and swollen. I promise that if you don’t like how this feels we’ll stop immediately. Do you trust me?” McKenzie simple nods, burying her face in his neck and inhaling his scent, she sighs as she relaxes her legs open.

“No, no. We both watch.” Tom pulled back from her and directed her gaze to the few inches that separated his cock from her throbbing opening. “Oh. Oh I don’t know…” McKenzie braced for pain as his tip made contact. She yelped at the feeling which was a pleasure that she never knew existed. She made eye contact with him and her eyes grew wide as a smile spreads. “Watch!” Tom ordered. He held himself above her body as he lowered himself into her at a relentlessly slow pace.

Millimeter by millimeter she watched as his cock disappeared into her. She was so tight and swollen and every nerve ending was on fire. Pleasure coursed through her body as he fed himself painfully slowly inside of her. When he was almost completely in McKenzie found herself tilting her hips so that she could take in every last bit of him. He stilled with his entire shaft inside of her. McKenzie was by no means a virgin, but she had never known sex like this. Never known this kind of pleasure. The simple feeling of him holding still inside her outshone every orgasm she’d ever had before. She could feel every inch of him connecting with every inch inside her. It felt as though every nerve inside of her had woken up from a lifelong hibernation. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked just as he’d promised to do.

“Oh my fucking god no! Tom, don’t stop!” He pushed into her then withdrew almost fully out and stilled. “You have to tell me what you want me to do.” That devious smile was back on his face and the way the light was dancing in his blue eyes rendered her momentarily speechless. “Tom be…inside me” she whispered. This was difficult for her, suddenly she felt shy, as if they were just meeting, but he rewarded her with another slow thrust. “Tom” she said a little louder. He pushed deeper inside of her. Each time he thrust in to her, she could feel her stomach tighten, her eyes roll to the back of her head and an audible gasp escape her lips.

Oh my god, she knew what he was doing, Tom was going to make her beg for it. The nerve of him! But McKenzie was in no position to argue because she needed him to keep going. She mustered up all her moxy. “I want it deeper.” He thrust deeper inside of her. “I want it harder.” He thrust sharply into her. “Tom, more.” He rewarded her with a hard deep thrust to his hilt. She understood now. He wanted her to tell him what to do. And whenever she said his name she got an extra jolt. Now she got it.

McKenzie started to lose her trepidation as she became bolder and bolder. “Tom, fast. Hard. Deep,” she demanded. And with every command he gave it to her. She wanted more. She quickened her demands. “Tom, fuck me. Fuck me” She raised her voice and he responded with force. She wasn’t shy anymore. She grabbed a fistful and his hair and pulled him to look her in the eye. “Tom, fuck me hard,” she spat out with a boldness that shocked her. He kissed her lips, pausing his hips for that split second. Then he gave her what she had been begging for. He was thrusting hard into her. She was still begging, “Hard, fast deep, fuck, oh god, Tom, fuck me.” The rhythm was unrelenting and he wouldn’t have been able to stop and she knew she didn’t need to keep begging. But she kept at it because she liked it. She kept one fistful of his hair and scraped the nails of her other hand up his back. No marks, she had to remind herself, no marks. Her voice intensified and she no longer recognized the tone of her primal commands. “More! More! More! Deep! Harder! Harder!” Her next command became an involuntary scream as she bit buried her head in his shoulder, biting her lip hard enough to draw blood. She was convulsing and quivering around him. She felt him start to cum, finally, releasing inside of her.

She had never been able to feel that before. Her entire insides were so sensitive and tight around him that she could feel his telltale twitch and then the pulsing of his cock inside her pumping his hot cum, so much cum, inside of her. He thrust further into he while he was pumping, it was so hot. Tom threw his own head back and growled as his sensitive pulsing cock went as deep as possible into her. They lay there spent, silent. While she has never been comfortable with nudity, her own nudity before, she was oddly comfortable with him. She curled up next to him and tucked her body into his. She snaked her legs between his and wove one hand into his hair. She inhaled the smell that was Tom. She loved his smell, and she loved that he pulled her in tighter when he felt her inhale. She felt safe tucked into his arms. She fit into each nook and even though his much larger frame enveloped hers, they fit like two puzzle pieces. She couldn’t think of any place she’d rather be.

Suddenly she giggled and she could feel Tom looking at her. She looks back; sure enough one eyebrow is cocked in the silent “what?” “Well that was an awesome nice to see you again” “Mmm, well it’s early. I’m sure we’ll find something else to occupy our time” Tom says with a yawn and he pulls her in tighter “after a quick nap”…

End part 1