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  1. Perfectly worded. I’ve had my angel and I saved myself. Thanks for sharing, doll. xo

  2. Seems to me a way to justify cheating. “Oh I was entitled to borrow your husband and mess in your marriage because you know, he was my angel sent to show me how to save myself”. Entitled. Not. No, everything does not happen for a reason. There is no justification for cheating or wanting someone to cheat with you. Some things are just evil, just destructive. They serve no purpose other than to perpetrate violence. If you disagree think of a rapist: the rape victim may overcome what was done to her, the rapist may be rehabilitated, but that was never the reason for the rape, and it never justifies it. The violence is of a different kind but it’s still violence. And violence never has a rationale, certainly not to do with angels.

    • *sigh* there are times i agree with some of my followers and think i should block you, or at the very least not engage with you. however, it saddens me that your husbands affair(s) has blackened your soul that you *immediately* assume this post was or is about my own affair. that this is somehow a innuendo or euphemism, if you choose to believe that, go right ahead.

      context – as the last few days have been “challenging” when i posted i didn’t provide commentary or a missive as so many things have been rumbling through my consciousness.

      *this* while it resonates on many levels, is what susie handed to us three the other day as we were starting the logistics of planning manny’s wake. why? because as she stood strong and resolute, the tears never far from spilling over, and the shaking of her voice barely concealed she said that manny was clearly her angel…because the still body laying in wait at the funeral home was that of a stranger. not the man that taught her to love with no judgment, that she is worth every uphill battle, that there is beauty in everyone and that forgiveness is possible. no, her manny, her angel has returned to his home as he knows she is stronger for their life together. the body left behind is that of a stranger she doesn’t know.

      nephilia, i hope that one day your vitriol, outrage and hate brings you the peace you deserve and need. as you’ve stated many times on my blog and others, your own brush with mortality has driven you to know that life is short, action’s speak louder than words etc. life is short. and while i won’t block you or flag your comments as spam, you are so right, life is too short to engage with someone who’s own issues cloud the possibilities of a reasoned conversation, even when on opposite sides of any issue.

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