2 comments on “up in the air…the movie

  1. Oh! I been there. It sucks to be left behind and to pick up the moral from the employees who are still here. I knew that the chances of me getting laid off where slim but I had build relationships and hated to let them go.

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for some time now…for reasons unnecesaary to articlate, your ‘voice’ resonates at so many levels with me. It’s almost as if I know you (I don’t). I look forward to each post and feel as if I have a deep sense of what you’ve experienced over the past year or so…the highs and lows. I have always appeciated your measured tone when it comes to describing ‘dh,’ but the counseling sessions have increasingly revealed to me what you’ve now chosen to share…his ‘understanding’ of a connection between him and your son.

    I spent much of my early career working with autistic children long before any spectrum was identified…the mid-1970’s. Many of ‘my kids’ were on the high end of what we now know to be that spectrum…very high functioning and had gone off to exclusive universities and engineering schools in particular. The world of subtle emotions, in particular empathy, was always so elusive from those who otherwise appeared to function well in the company of others. I am not trying to compare in the least here…except for your description of his not knowing why you needed to feel support that morning…and the fact that his dry cleaning and other concrete acts of the day were the ‘priorities.’

    Does this ‘understanding’ represent some degree of a breakthrough? Just curious…but mostly feeling for what you are delaing with and happy that you have ‘one’ who does get you as challenging as that has become.

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