4 comments on “I don’t remember it being this hard…(random)

  1. I guess you guys had it easier than us? Lol. I think when my wife and I have children, college admission will request your blood type, five follicles of hair, signing away of your unborn children and a height/weight requirement.

    It is going to become more difficult with each new generation. Even my professors say college is more a business today, than it is about academics.

    • Sadly I think you are right; about the additional requirements. Your professors are definitely on target about the business aspect. Don’t get me wrong, while I understand the need for rigor, it seems so extreme. And the pressure that parents put on kids is compounded by the pressure the kids put on themselves. We didn’t sign our daughter up for any prep courses, because the reality is, once she’s in college, she won’t be able to afford to sign up for expensive specialized tutoring or prep courses. It’s better that the scores reflect her ability if that makes sense. Of course our friends and parents from the same school are convinced we are wrong. Maybe, but at least our kidlet knows her choice of college is hers and hers alone. She will make of her education and the experience what she will and find her way. *she types with fingers crossed* thanks for commenting! oh, and just a word of gentle advice…wait to have your lovely children as long as possible. Enjoy your lives together ;D

  2. Same as what you remember. Now, college is a Nascar Race but I think as parental robots we can easily slide right into the whole head-spinning landslide of it because it starts in middle school…the prep businesses, and choice of high school or high school program that specializes in a certain career choice. It’s a slow conditioning of the parents and students. Yes, it is important IF your child is involved and that alone is it’s own mission to engage them and decipher their strengths during their young years…I’m exhausted just writing this much and it is really just the beginning of this whole college business. That’s it, it has become a business. It was education before. Now, it is just different and the process is about something other than figuring out what you want to pursue. It’s become..I don’t know what it has become. I know I don’t see it as exciting like I remember because it’s mired in so much. Maybe though, if I were the student, I would see it different. I hope that’s true. Good Luck!!!

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