3 comments on “In that nano-second before…

  1. I’ve long thought kissing to be the most intimate physical experience…to share the breath of another by joining that part of us that is meant to communicate…to convey emotions…feelings…I am in awe of the irony in the silence that says more than any words those lips might express.

  2. I’ve been reading through your blog and I have to say, I wish my wife hell, any of my past significant others that preceded her, felt the way you do, towards me. Truthfully I don’t know that I’ve ever felt mutual passion, connection, desire for another person. I believe this new knowledge, or acknowledgment of it, makes me sad. I have not been unfaithful to my wife nor do I plan on it. Yet there is craving and longing, over the course of our relationship that hasn’t abated. It isn’t for anyone it’s for me. Reading your words, even those post d-day, I can understand your perspective and your choices. Even if I don’t agree in principle, there’s an admiration for you and the deliberate decisions you make. I’m sure others would think I’m the better person for not cheating but i disagree.

  3. My affair with a lovely woman that lasted quite some time, never exchanged a kiss, though I wanted that ever time we touched … the sex? Marvelous. I understand now the ‘fear’ of the kiss that that situation defined. 🙂

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