2 comments on “The Spectrum…not always every day. not even every week. but sometimes in every hour…

  1. The ripples of effect that create havoc around a child on the spectrum can threaten to overwhelm some people. When the bad days occur they are magnified by the weight of a situation that can feel hopeless to the point of desperation. You feel an immediate bond with people who share your journey on their own family path, as they truly understand all the unspoken things that are never said as you move past them and onto the bigger issues. It’s an endurance marathon and sadly not all adults are able to cope with the challenge of a challenging child. Relationships can be divided and crumble when so much focus is placed on a single individual who can reign terror and chaos on the people of a home. You constantly question yourself and your choices and when you have a good day, it is a blessing, a true and honest blessing. When your child is on the spectrum, you discover things about yourself you had no way of knowing until faced with a reality you did not expect. acceptance. every day you have to practice it. if you don’t it could drive you crazy and make you ineffectual.

  2. I love this. As a parent wth a stepson who has Aspergers, Ican honestly say I’ve learned more about myself through the growth my son and I have experienced togther — for and with each other — over the last eight years tha I thought possible. Has it always been easy? Certainly not. Has it always been worth it? Absolutely.

    Thanks for sharing this 😉

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