One comment on “Word for the day

  1. Technically, they’ve given themselves an escape clause: they only said “listen.”

    This person is actually a dream come true. You can tell them any old thing, from dangerously idiotic to downright meme-producing in its stupidity, and have no fear of any of it ever coming to pass. Even if they executed it in its entirety, you are still not legally culpable in any way.

    Besides, if they actually do it and experience humorous pain and suffering : touche. Not only have to paid them back, but they will never approach you for advice again. Done and done.

    Suggestions of one-size-fits-all advice:

    Sriracha enema
    Voodoo cult weekend getaway
    Changing license plate to ADDVISE
    Kale toothpaste
    Embracing Satan as Lord and Master
    Sexting Mitch McConnell using real name
    Whipped Cream Vodka cleanse
    Put last week’s panties and socks on Ebay
    Growing hydroponic peyote in bathroom
    Shaving pets and stuffing decorator pillows with it
    USB port suppositories
    Licking newsprint
    Stuffed animal porn

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