4 comments on “an earworm

  1. I’m so sorry my dear, I’m not sure how on earth I missed this post. I too have found it hard on occasion when I get sucked into the stories of others…comparison is just what we do, it’s how we relate. And sometimes it’s not good for us.

    Hope you’re well. xo

  2. you know, I listened to the song before I read thepost…and I was already sitting here crying. I need to remind myself (as Ann does, consistently) I did love him like I was gonna lose him, I said goodbye, I had it all…yet, I still am not letting go of something that’s just. not. mine. Great song..

  3. It is always nice to see you, here in your own blog, in comments, in likes to and fro. I remind myself frequently that time is finite resource and very precious. To use it for my own benefit is wise, not selfish, because caring for me first and foremost makes me able to share with others when appropriate and needed.

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