6 comments on “” you can run away from your life and your past…

  1. Would that I could… How does that song by Avicii go.. “Wake me up when it’s all over, I’m wiser and I’m older, all this time I was finding myself, and I didn’t know I was lost”

    • yes! exactly. the other song that plays through my head lately when thinking about my journey from one republic seeing stars:
      “I see this life like a swinging vine
      Swing my heart across the line
      And my face is flashing signs
      Seek it out and you shall find
      Old, but I’m not that old
      Young, but I’m not that bold
      I don’t think the world is sold
      I’m just doing what we’re told
      I feel something so right
      Doing the wrong thing
      I feel something so wrong
      Doing the right thing
      I could lie, coudn’t I, could lie
      Everything that kills me makes me feel alive”

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