10 comments on “that’s the crux of it

  1. She’s saying it meant something because it DID mean something. I loved this scene in the show (my fav!) because it represented a real turning point for both characters. Truth can do that 😉 x

  2. I can’t speak to how people interpret the quote or picture. for me personally it represents a recent conversation in which there was much remorse and regret for a multitude of things.

  3. I don’t think that’s true. Those are stereotypes. What research has shown is that men and women largely DO cheat for the same reasons.

    • i didn’t post this as a representation of men and women specifically. sorry if that’s how you interpreted it. it’s merely reflective of a conversation between dh and me that we recently had about his multiple transgressions over the course of our 25+ years and the difference in my one after 23-years.

  4. This is why wives cheating ends more marriages than husbands cheating, because it’s worse. That doesn’t make his cheating “a waste” it means he is actually seeing it for what it is, a shitty thing to do. That’s why women in affairs are so horribly unrepentant (whether they’re the spouse or other woman). Because they cling to being “entitled” and have to put such importance on the man. He knows better, she could have been a bottle of whiskey or a poker machine. I bet your other man is just the same.

    • I think it all depends on the people involved, although I believe the tendency is accurate…men typically cheat for the sex and women typically cheat for the love, but each individual circumstance is different.

      • yes. and again, this wasn’t meant to be a broad stroke of gender differences. it’s an accurate representation of a conversation dh and i recently had. thank you for commenting.

      • Lack of remorse is always worse. And the woman in the example has no remorse. That’s why she says it “meant something”.

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