9 comments on “tangled

  1. Oh poor things, it so sucks that someone else is more decent than you. Don’t worry, you’ve shown that he’s down at your level not at hers so I am sure if you just tell her he’s a cheater you’ll get your wish. And you’ll get a man you deserve, of course you won’t like it when he does it to you but hello karma 🙂

    • Oh poor Nephila. Why do you not worry more about what happens in your sheets and less of what happens in the sheets of others?…

      • Nothing wrong with my sheets. Never was either. And I’m not “worried” about you. I’m just witnessing the lack of conscience in OW. Someone should.

      • it’s most difficult in the transition back to our real lives. he had a business trip to my side of the continent last week. a bit of withdrawal if you will. no illusions that he’s returned to the sheets he shares with his bride just as I returned to the sheets I share with my dh. it’s just sometimes, in the time and space in-between, I miss being tangled with him.

      • *sigh* I sometimes wonder if I shared sheets with another besides him it would make it easier to know he is sharing sheets with his bride. I hope things are well with you! ((hugs))

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