9 comments on “a brief reprieve

  1. So happy for you girl!! You deserve the very best! I thought you were MIA for a short while

    • No, people who don’t cheat don’t need to have a secret life. It’s so nice not to have the burden of guilt for destroying another human being.

      • You realize your self assigned role is on the internet. Was this role given or did you assign it to yourself?

        The internet where you have no idea what is real or not.

        Your a witness on the internet where habitual liars can pretend to tell the truth. Where does that put you?

        Perhaps you should channel your efforts to make a difference in a world away from your computer.

        The thing is I agree with some of your points and there are real people who could actually use your help but you would need to back away from your computer but I don’t care.

        Instead you want to be an internet bully, you may not realize it but you have the makings of a real villain and your efforts are self defeating.

        You are more like me than you will ever care to admit.

        But, please go on if you want to be like Don Quixote and charge windmills I won’t stop you.

        The time you spend on me is time you are not making a difference to someone else; I win.

        Like a good villain I will enjoy watching your delusions.

        I make it clear I am a proper villain.

        Again, I thank you for your fascination and I consider you my biggest fan.

        I am glad I evoke a reaction from you, it tells me I am doing something right.



      • I’m no fan. And I don’t *do* anything. I am just a witness. We can all do that. It takes no effort at all. The rest of the above is nonsense.

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