5 comments on “No explanation required…a PSA for the real world

  1. This article is a hard one but one that is reality. It’s sad that our society has made us this way for we are judge for what we do more then what is done to us.

    • Oh wow, “judge us for what we do more than what is done to us”. Now try judging women who actually do have affairs with married men and not the wives who have it done to them. The hypocrisy in the comment is priceless.

      • The lunacy of your comment is priceless. Are you drunk right now? Please, PLEASE, tell me you are drunk right now. Pills? It’s pills isn’t it. What is in your system that made you say that just now? I refuse to believe a human being that wasn’t drunk or high on narcotics would make such a comment. Tell me it’s drugs. Please. Better yet, tell it to me through the contact form on my blog. It is FAR past time we spoke dear.

      • Nephila, you have until the end of your day to use the contact form on my site, after which you and I will have a discussion off blog. If you don’t don’t it… Well, we shall see. Go to my blog, NOW, and use that form.

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