6 comments on “Random

  1. Yes… take a break. And then, take a break from your break. If you have time squeeze in one more break. Take care of yourself, Isme

  2. You can do it. You’re the strongest woman I know! Hang in there. You need a mini break

    • Thanks M. I hope so. Just feels very, difficult right now. Different than usual, but, taking steps to regain my balance and strength. Thank you! {{hugs}}

  3. I wish I had some magic words that make the noise quiet, because I don’t know that it ever stops when one has a husband and children at home. But with the backbeat of relationship counseling it can overwhelm and suck away at the joy of these last days of hands-on parenting with the high school senior. Hugs, and may you have a few moments of quiet stillness all to yourself in the days ahead.

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