6 comments on “i think you have me mistaken for someone else

  1. Hi, Interesting post, with good points. I am the artist that created the accompanying image. I’m glad you like it – enough to even use it to illustrate your post. Just as a public service announcement, please credit artists whose work you use. Everyone needs to do this – out of respect for the work artists do, just as you would not want your serious writing used without permission or credit. Artists, writers, etc, work hard and deserve recognition. Thank you. Grace

    • happy to. if you have a watermark or tag line or want to send me a copy of the image with your marking i’m happy to replace it. it showed up on the dashboard of my (now former) tumblr last fall but it didn’t have any credits to it. let me know. thanks.

  2. I chalk it up to they are uneducated. There is so much I could say about the monogamy myth, and how we are genetically predisposed for serial monogamy, and how monogamy is socialized man-made concept but that is for another blog. Hang in there! I think you are pretty incredible!

    • yep, ironic isn’t it? when I look back at the self-righteous judger that I was I cringe. I own it completely but never before has the saying “…until you walk in their shoes…” resonated so completely. thanks for the note!

  3. I made my blog private because I couldn’t face the threat of having to hear what complete strangers think of me. Kind of cowardly of me.

    I really appreciate your blog. I’m so glad it’s here.

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