3 comments on “scenario a.k.a. random musing whilst pms’ng and facing the weekend

  1. Oh my. So similar to my situation. I am not sure I could withstand only once a year. I told him a few months ago “I would rather have you (him) in my life this tiny bit than not at all”.

    • I know right? And yet, when I think about it, would I really be able to, want to, say no if it could only be once a year? no, today I know that I couldn’t say no. wouldn’t want to.

  2. I really like your candid posts. I enjoyed the older movie, “Same Time Next Year” and the really good recent movie, “One Day!” It would be nice if emotionally I could have shared the last man I was with. I valiantly tried, while he was still dating his ex-girlfriend. Although she treated him like dirt and I treated him like a king, chemistry or masochism overcame him. I am never sure because his friends and family loved me and thought she was a rich B. Too bad, I miss him, he asked if he could date us both. But my heart could not take it. Sending you hugs, Robin

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