4 comments on “missing what isn’t mine

  1. I wonder what the parameters should be – do you expect to talk every day? does it become part of the routine? then when it’s missing it aches so? I never know where to draw this line….

  2. Hey lady! You have have been quiet lately. Are you doing ok? Just checking on you and making sure you are feeling ok. I don’t know when your next chemo treatments are if you are feeling ok. I just was thinking about you and wanted you to know that.

  3. I wish I could do something besides offer you a virtual hug. I can see why the chemo would make you feel emotionally unbalanced and needy. Whenever we are sick, we always want the person we love most (for kids it is their mom). For you, that person is him. He’s where your emotional attachment is at this moment, so to me it makes perfect sense. Big hug lady!

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