10 comments on “rain. rain. rain.

  1. Not sure how I missed this, but since I’m so late let me just say that I absolutely your weather. 🙂

  2. Once children enter the picture, the responsibility and personal happiness factors shift. I love that you and your DH are such a fabulous parenting team – too many couples get so caught up in their own “stuff” it bleeds and distorts relationships with children.

  3. I realized sometimes life push us into a direction that we are not totally prepared for. I know that sometimes women push men into affairs but I also know now that men can do the same for us. However, sometimes having an affair can actually save the marriage for its an eye opening for both of you. However, there has to be a commitment a rebuild to make it happen because otherwise, you will end up miserable and so will they and the kids will be affect by this. I know this because when my father had an affair I knew it was my mother who pushed him there. He begged her for attention, intimacy but she choose not too. I even told her that when someone craves the intimacy and you do not return it who are they to be blamed when someone else is willing to give it to them. However, if she was going to forgive him to truly do it and make the marriage work others you both will end up being worse off then you began with.

    • it’s very true and it’s complex and frankly, it’s personal and we all have different triggers and experiences from our childhood and our past that shape some of this. as much as some want to say it’s simple, right or wrong, it isn’t. the world is much more nuanced than that. thank you for commenting by the way. i know you are taking a bit of a vacation from your own blog but it’s so good to hear your “voice”.

    • no not really. it’s to give them context, if you will. he’s a smart man. very smart and he knows I’ve been journaling/blogging since well before we knew one another. whether or not he’s discovered this blog, I am not sure but much, not all, of what I write about I’ve talked about, or argued about etc. with him.

      btw-hope all is well with you! you’re last couple of posts (with comments closed ;)) have me worried. it’s tough out there and I know you have to shoulder a lot of the “strength” at home. {hugs}

      • Huggs!! Thanks, sweetie ❤ I appreciate your thoughts and concern very much. My moods are totally fucked right now and I can't control my emotions.

        I've been getting more than a few hateful comments and if I close the comments, then those troll-y people can't comment. Even though they go to spam, I still torture myself and read them and that doesn't help my funky moods at all.

      • oh I completely get it and figured that’s why you had locked them down. especially if you have the same troll that many of us do 😉

  4. Great and thanks to be a part of my blogging journey…!
    Always miss your presence on my blog…! 🙂
    Stay happy..
    Tahir 🙂

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