8 comments on “to each their own interpretation

  1. Great quote. Don’t we wish Nephi could find words useless? I find her words quite useless along with everything else she is about.

    Again- thanks for sharing.

  2. So simple a sentiment, and yet so deep, too. While I’m hurting now that I’ve realized our love was a lie, I know there is/was a reason B. and I were lovers for over 2 decades. He was in my life for a reason. He left without specifying a reason, but I’ve done the work to know what that reason was. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Haha the typical moan of the unremorseful other woman. No, the only way to make the so-called bruise go away is to forget it and focus on the arterial wound you caused to someone else who unlike you had no choice in the matter. Self inflicted bruises and crocodile tears.

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