2 comments on “random musings all day long

  1. I’m new to your blog, so I don’t know the history… but seems to me from what little I’ve read that you deserve more. Don’t you think so?

  2. Man, I know the feeling all too well. You look to books, articles, blogs or something to just see what is out there. It looks grim for us, doesn’t it? I am lover #2, at least that I know of. The other was years ago, and was supposedly only a physical thing.

    I’m doing the long distant relationship thing too. That in and of itself is difficult even for couples who live their lives out loud, but when you throw in the secrecy of the affair and limitations that presents, it seems almost impossible. However, here is the silver lining. You have found a way to make it work thus far, so not all is lost or impossible. Hang in there girilie! (hugs)

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