7 comments on “every corner

      • In fact, she does BOTH of those things.
        She doesn’t pay her bills either. Her car was repo’d and the house is being foreclosed on. She hasn’t paid the water bill for 7 months (they haven’t had any water for two months!) and her son was taken away from her by her mother — two months ago – because she was neglecting him profusely.

      • Poor didums. Why do you care about her car so much? If she’s so awful he can leave. Just like you. It’s so easy to leave, the only reason to choose lying and cheating over that is to show your character.

      • So why cheat then? Leave before cheating and be a decent person? It’s really easy. And what about you? Wouldn’t it be nice to be above reproach? Instead of in the gutter as you claim your spouses are?

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